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As a personal trainer and yoga instructor, my goal is to develop confidence with my clients to help them achieve their health and fitness goals.  We accomplish this together, by developing a very specific training regimen based upon the their current fitness level and goal, nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

My own personal fitness journey began more than a decade ago, after having two boys and a third on the way.  I had been somewhat active my whole life, playing soccer, volleyball and basketball through my middle school years in Dallas.  After high school, I slipped into the the "pizza and beer" years during college and throughout most of my twenties.  I had my first child at 31 and can say with confidence that I did not feel good, I did not look good, and that I was tired all of the time.  After three pregnancies, my body was just not what it used to be - duh!  It was at this point that I decided to make a real change in my life by pursuing fitness at a new level, and taking charge of my diet.  What started out as light weight training, progressed to plyometrics and high intensity interval training, and now yoga.  Now, I compete in triathlons and continue to apply my fitness training and education to achieve new fitness levels. My clientele ranges from the competitive triathlete, runner and tennis player to mothers and grandparents. I encourage clients to set goals that will transform their lives, by educating and challenging them to achieve their personal fitness objectives.

I hope that his Blog will motivate busy people like myself and my family to train their bodies, educate themselves on health and fitness and prepare easy, nutritious meals that anyone can make quickly! 

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